Hey, Students! Check out this checklist to get your piece of the FAFSA pie:
  1. Get an FSA ID now at fsaid.ed.gov for you and your parent/guardian. You can also submit a FASFA as an independent. Who is my parent when I fill out the FAFSA?
  2. Gather info: FSA ID; you and your parents’ Social Security Number, 2018 tax information, current bank statements; your driver’s license or state ID…we know it’s a lot, but it will make the process go quicker having it all in one place. Most people can complete the FAFSA in less than 30 minutes with all the paperwork ready!
  3. Start and submit your FAFSA at FAFSA.gov: paper applications are accepted, but online allows you to skip questions that don’t apply to you!
  4. Receive and review your Student Aid Report: The Student Aid Report is sent to you directly. If they need any more information, it will list it under “WHAT YOU MUST DO NEXT.” You need to complete all the steps before schools will send award letters with financial aid.
  5. Celebrate! Your hard work has paid off and you’re that much closer to receiving money for college!